Icon How to Calibrate your CPWplus Scale

CPWplus with Calibration Weights

Important: The weight selected to calibrate the CPWplus must be at least 10% of the scale’s capacity, and no more than 20%.

During calibration, you must use whole numbers with no decimal points. For example, if you have to use a calibration weight that must be at least 1.5kg, you must use a calibration weight that is 2kg or above.

Step 1

Turn the scale on.

Turning On the CPWplus
CPWplus Switched On

Step 2

Once the CPWplus is in normal weighing conditions, press the [TARE] button for 4 seconds.

Pressing the Tare Button on Setup

Step 3

The display will show “CAL”, along with the unit that was selected last. You can change the unit by pressing the [Unit] key if necessary.

Changing the Weighing Unit

Step 4

Press the [Print/Hold] key. The display will show “L XX”. XX stands for the weight, which the user must input.

Weight Input Display

Step 5

The [Tare/Zero] key is used to change the flashing digit. Once you’ve entered the correct digit, use the [Print/Hold] key to move to the next digit.

Changing the Digits
Moving to the Next Digit

Step 6

Once you’ve entered the calibration weight, press the [Unit] key to confirm the weight. The digits will stop flashing.

If the weight you’re using is less than 10% of the scale’s capacity, the scale will display “CALEr”. You must use the correct weight.

If the weight you’re using is more than 20% of the scale’s capacity, the scale will display “CALEr”. You must use the correct weight.

Confirming the Weight Stops Digits Flashing

Step 7

Place the calibration weight that corresponds to the numbers you entered. So if you entered “2kg”, place a mass equal to 2kg on the scale.

Placing Calibration Weights onto CPWplus
Ensuring Calibration Weight Matches Entered Values

Step 8

Press the [Unit] key to return to weighing mode.

Pressing the Unit Key to Return to Weighing Mode
Returning to Normal Weighing Mode

Step 9

Remove the calibration weight.

Removing Calibration Weight from CPWplus

Step 10

Weigh it to verify that the scale was calibrated correctly. Repeat the process if there was a calibration error.

Weigh the Calibration Weight to Verify Correct Calibration