Case Study
La balance de Comptoir CBK Économise des Matériaux et de l’Argent à Blastoff

Icon La balance de Comptoir CBK Économise des Matériaux et de l’Argent à Blastoff

Blastoff est une compagnie active qui opère dans tout le Royaume-Uni. Ils servent une large variété d’entreprises et de locations, et ont de nombreux travaux différents à accomplir, comme le nettoyage, le décapage de peinture, ou les revêtements des sols.

Ils avaient besoin d’un seul produit de qualité pour effectuer diverses taches de pesage qui pouvait supporter les conditions changeantes pour leur nombreux services ; une balance versatile. Mais la balance dont ils avaient besoin devait aussi être assez solide pour nettoyer les résines d’époxy pour assurer que les touches restent utilisables et l’écran visible.

Blastoff takes pride in its work and uses quality materials to create the perfect surface. That means the business has high costs for expensive resins and paints, so they sought a way to reduce waste, which led to tighter cost control.


Blastoff is a busy company that operates throughout the UK. They serve a wide variety of businesses and locations, and have many different jobs to accomplish, such as cleaning, paint stripping, or coating floors.

They needed a single quality product to handle various weighing tasks and changing conditions for many of their services; a versatile scale. But the scale they needed also had to be sturdy enough to clean off all the epoxy resins to ensure the keys remain usable and the display visible.

They also needed a scale that is easy to use, since they were replacing old scales and had to make sure learning to use the CBK 32 wouldn’t take too long.

How the CBK 32 Helped

The scale is versatile, yet easy to use, which is ideal for Blastoff, since they have to accomplish many different tasks for various people, businesses and locations. The CBK also can also handle the heavy usage that comes with a busy company.

The stainless steel pan can be quickly removed and cleaned, a necessity when weighing epoxy resins. It also provides a large surface for weighing and counting. Overload protection prevents accidentally breaking the scale, while the sealed keypad is protected against dirt and spills. The color-coded keys speed up weighing, and the large display is highly visible, which is ideal for Blastoff, who works in variable conditions.

Data communication is enabled via the included RS-232 port, making inventory recording easy. CBK scales also have an auto zero tracking feature, perfect for repetitive weighing tasks. The rechargeable battery means the scale can be carried and used at any location, so the weighing can be done at the job site.

Pride in Quality

Blastoff’s website is filled with photos and articles about their work. They take pride in their expertise and are glad to showcase their services. They have a blog featuring various jobs they completed, and their website has different sections outlining the many services they provide. Blastoff works everywhere throughout the UK, from warehouses to industrial sites, from homes to garages. The company heard about Adam Equipment online, and decided to replace their old scales with the CBK 32 to reduce waste. Blastoff uses epoxy resin flooring because it’s hardworking, seamless, easy to clean, chemical and slip resistant, and it is ideal for walkways and forklift truck routes through factories.

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