Icon Cruiser CKT Checkweighing Scale Overview


Cruiser CKT bench checkweighing scales deliver powerful performance and exceptional value for industrial applications. CKT models offer capacities from 4 kilograms to 48 kilograms and readabilities from 0.05 grams to 2 grams. The easy-to-clean, heavy-duty stainless steel platform features contours to help keep items on the pan.

The keypad is sealed, so dirt or spills can be wiped up quickly. Colour-coded keys allow fast recognition of the most frequently used buttons. Quickly enter known sample weights on the full numeric keypad. Checkweighing with the Cruiser CKT can accelerate the packaging process, reducing waste and decreasing overages. To simplify checkweighing tasks, the CKT’s backlit display changes colour, showing if the weight is over, under, or within the set limit. Cruiser CKT offers load cell protection, helping prevent damage to internal components due to overloads.

Store checkweighing limits to improve efficiency in production or warehouse applications. The preset tare function speeds up repetitive weighing tasks, while memory accumulation lets you total the results. It’s easy to verify the number of pieces or amount of product in a package before shipping. An RS-232 connection is standard on the Cruiser CKT, while an optional USB interface is available. To ensure optimum weighing results, the level indicator and non-slip adjustable feet ensure proper scale setup.

Cruiser CKT is powered by AC adapter or rechargeable battery, making it ideal for production, warehouse, or field use. The Cruiser series includes CKT checkweighing scales and CCT counting scales.