Icon Cruiser CCT Bench Counting Scale Overview


Cruiser CCT bench counting scales deliver powerful performance for industrial counting and check counting for your industrial applications. CCT models offer capacities from 4 kilograms to 48 kilograms and readabilitiies of 0.05 grams to 2 grams.

Sturdy construction means Cruiser scales can withstand the demands of factories and manufacturing facilities. All CCT models have a heavy-duty grade 3-0-4 stainless steel platform with contours to help items stay on the pan.

Colour-coded keys allow fast recognition of the most frequently used buttons. Quickly enter known sample weights on the full numeric keypad.

Cruiser CCT is ideal for inventory and stock control tasks or check counting during packaging processes. It's easy to verify the number of pieces in a package or in a lot before shipping.

Store and recall up to one-hundred-ninety-nine P-L-Us or piece weights to improve efficiency in production or warehouse applications.

Cruiser counting scales have three separate displays to simultaneously show piece weight, total weight and piece count.

RS-232 connection is standard on all Cruiser CCT counting models. Optional USB interface is available.

To ensure optimum weighing results, the level indicator and non-slip adjustable feet ensure proper scale setup.

Load cell protection helps prevent damage to internal components due to overloading. The Cruiser series includes CKT checkweighing scales and CCT counting scales.