CBD+ Counting Scales with Remote Platform

CBD bench counting scales provide the right solution to help tackle complex counting procedures, boosting productivity in industrial settings such as factories and warehouses. The user-friendly, intuitive software tracks counts and automatically optimizes the unit weight for greater accuracy.Use the unit alone or connect it with an external base to increase capacity in complex counting applications. Designed to be durable, the CBD features sturdy ABS housing and a rugged grade 304 stainless steel platform that withstands demanding manufacturing environments. RS-232 or USB (optional) interfaces simplify connectivity, while PLU memory stores a range of items for recall.

Key Specifications

8lb / 4kg to 70lb / 32kg
0.0002lb / 0.1g to 0.002lb / 1g


  • Backlit displayBacklit display
  • Internal rechargeable batteryInternal rechargeable battery
  • DateDate
  • External calibrationExternal calibration
  • RS-232RS-232
  • Tare facilityTare facility
  • TimeTime


  • AccumulationAccumulation
  • CheckcountingCheckcounting
  • Dual scale operationDual scale operation
  • Parts countingParts counting
  • WeighingWeighing

Features and Benefits


  • Color-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons
  • Level indicator and adjustable feet ensure proper balance setup for optimum weighing results
  • Large, grade 304 stainless steel pan allows swift cleaning
  • RS-232 interface is available to provide speedy connection to computers and printers
  • Optional USB interface simplifies data communication
  • Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components
  • Rugged construction stands up to industrial use


  • External calibration allows for verification and adjustment with weights
  • Memory accumulation totals results
  • Parts counting with freely selectable sample sizes
  • Parts counting optimization automatically refines piece weight as parts are added
  • Preset tare function speeds the process of repetitive weighing
  • Product Look Up (PLU) memory locations store a range of items for recall as needed
  • Programmable for counting to a preset number of parts
  • Quick and easy configuration using the keypad
  • Selectable digital filtering for animal/dynamic weighing enables consistent results for moving subjects
  • Zero-tracking feature ensures display returns to zero reading
  • User can program alarm to sound when preset total is reached


  • Backlit LCD shows weight, unit weight and count in one convenient location
  • Programmable backlight can be set to "always on," "always off" or "light only when weighing"


  • Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere
  • Programmable auto power-off to save energy
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Model Capacity Readbility Pan Size Approvals Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 8a-70aCBD 8a-70a 8lb-70Lb / 4kg-32kg 0.0002lb-0.002lb / 0.1g-1g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 8a-130aCBD 8a-130a 8lb-130Lb / 4kg-60kg 0.0002lb-0.005lb / 0.1g-2g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 8a-330aCBD 8a-330a 8lb-330Lb / 4kg-150kg 0.0002lb-0.02lb / 0.1g-10g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 35a-130aCBD 35a-130a 35lb-130Lb / 16kg-60kg 0.001lb-0.005lb / 0.5g-2g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 35a-330aCBD 35a-330a 35lb-330Lb / 16kg-150kg 0.001lb-0.02lb / 0.5g-10g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 35a-1320aCBD 35a-1320a 35lb-1320Lb / 16kg-600kg 0.001lb-0.1lb / 0.5g-50g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 70a-330aCBD 70a-330a 70lb-330Lb / 32kg-150kg 0.002lb-0.02lb / 1g-10g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 70a-660aCBD 70a-660a 70lb-660Lb / 32kg-300kg 0.002lb-0.05lb / 1g-20g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
Picture of CBD 70a-1320aCBD 70a-1320a 70lb-1320Lb / 32kg-600kg 0.002lb-0.1lb / 1g-50g 8.9"x10.8" / 225x275mm   Request a Quote
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