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In Perfect Harmony: PRS Guitars and Adam Equipment

Icon In Perfect Harmony: PRS Guitars and Adam Equipment

It's an unlikely duet: a guitar company and a scale and balance manufacturer. But this song has a happy intro, a pleasing interlude and no end to the music being played. PRS Guitars, headquartered in Stevensville, Md., selected Adam Equipment's Dune compact balance as its first choice to weigh the pigment that goes into the production of its highly prized, hand-made guitars. PRS checked around and did its homework, fi nally arriving at the decision to purchase the Dune. According to Marc Quigley, PRS spokesman, the balance provided the right combinati on of value and quality for its needs. "We were looking for a rugged, simple, and affordable device that could take some punishment in our production system," Quigley said. "The Dune seemed like the smart choice."

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