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Core Balance Passes Physics Test in Chemistry Class

Icon Core Balance Passes Physics Test in Chemistry Class

Students in Roger Shelton's chemistry class recently observed a bonus lesson in physics: an unexpected encounter between a backpack in motion and a lab balance at rest.

Shelton teaches at Newfound Regional High School in Bristol, N.H., where his students were making solutions for a chemistry lab activity. Class was over, the bell rang, and the students began to clean up their equipment. An energetic student with a massive backpack popped into the room, eager to show his friends a game on his phone. As he spun around, his backpack swiped across one of the tables, sending everything on the table flying into the air. Unfortunately, that included a lab balance.

The law of gravity

It appears that Isaac Newton was right: what goes up must come down. Test tubes, racks and the balance succumbed to gravity, crashing to the ground three feet below. The balance skidded several feet and lost its pan aft er bouncing on the floor.

Survival of the fittest Shelton worriedly assessed the damage, thinking the balance was a goner. And the laws of physics were in agreement: this particular combination of energy, matter and gravity should have resulted in a broken balance. But Lady Luck stepped in, and Shelton reported that the balance survived the fall with no dents, cracks or other ill effects whatsoever.

“It was the only thing that didn’t break,” he said. “It’s really a remarkable device. The calibration is perfect, and the balance holds the value with no drifting. It’s like nothing ever happened to it.”

– Roger Shelton, chemistry teacher Newfound Regional High School Bristol, New Hampshire

Core makes the grade with durability and practicality

As luck would have it, the balance happened to be an Adam Equipment Core portable compact balance, one of two purchased by the school for Shelton’s chemistry classroom. Constructed of durable ABS housing, the balance is designed to tolerate demanding classroom use, which apparently includes being knocked off a table onto the floor.

The Core also is outfitted with a special patented feature called ShockProtect® that safeguards the load cell, so the balance is able to withstand accidental encounters with wayward backpacks.

“That balance was worth every penny that we paid for it. We will never consider purchasing any other balance than an Adam Equipment balance. Keep ’em coming.”

– Shelton

Compact and easy to use, the Core portable compact balance is unrivaled for value and features by any other comparable balance.

Every teacher knows that space can be tight in classrooms, and the Core provides an excellent solution for that issue. Neatly and efficiently stack several Core portable compact balances to maximise equipment storage areas. And you won’t have to worry about damage to the weighing mechanism, thanks to the balance’s unique housing design and sturdy construction.

Whether it’s in a college or at a high school, many science classes include lessons that teach students how to figure out the density and specific gravity of objects. To perform these determinations, a hook is included with the Core for weighing below the balance.

School budgets are always tight, and teachers know that it’s prudent to protect the school’s property. Balances are a valuable investment for classrooms, and keeping them safe is important. To help deter theft , the Core is outfitted with a security slot that is compatible with an optional Kensington-type lock and cable.

For easy operation anywhere in the classroom, the Core can be powered by battery or an AC adapter, which is included with the balance.

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