Icon AE 504 PLU Software Input Guide

To enter PLUs into the AE 504 Advanced Label Printing Indicator, you can use the included PLU Download software to enter one at a time or import multiple PLUs from an Excel (.xlsx or .xls) or .csv file. The indicator must be connected to a PC to enter PLUs.

PLU Software Screen

Connecting the PC and the Indicator

First connect the scale to a PC with the RS-232 cable, open the PLU software and select the appropriate communications port.

Setup the communication port


The Setting menu should be set to Counting (the default) for use with the AE 504.

Click the Settings Button

When in Counting mode, select Lim to add high (Hi) and low (Lo) limits for checkweighing.

Switch to counting mode

Entering a Single PLU

Select Add to create a new PLU. Click in each blank field to select it, then enter the applicable data. The highest number in the field Sr. No. (serial number) indicates how many PLUs are stored in memory and cannot be edited.

Editable fields are PLU No., Unit weight, Goods ID, Goods Name and Specification. Specification is a text field that can be used for notations about the product. For example, if your product is a screw, the specification might be to specify that the screw is a Phillips head. The specification field does not export to the label.

Click the add button to add a line

After entering the data, click the Download button to add the PLU to the indicator.

Click download to download your plu settings

Entering Multiple PLUs

To enter multiple PLUs from a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet’s columns should follow the order of the fields in the PLU Download software (i.e., Column A should be data for the PLU No., Column B should be the unit weight, etc.). The Sr. No. data is generated by the PLU software and should not be included in your spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet must be an Excel file (the file extension will be .xlsx or .xls) or .csv file.

 Setup your excel file

Click the Import button to select the location of the file containing your PLU data.

Click the import button to import your excel file

After opening the file, click Download to add the PLU data to the indicator.

Click download to download multiple plu

Backing Up Your PLUs

To save the PLUs stored in the PLU download program, click the Export button, enter a file name and click Save.

Click export to export your plu to an excel file


To choose your preferred language, click the Language button to select from English, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

Click the language button to change languages