Adam Equipment Highland Balance Earns Top Marks From Phoenix-Area Educator

Adam Equipment’s Highland portable precision balance recently received a shining recommendation from a teacher at one of Arizona’s largest high schools.

The Highland is reliable and can stand up to student abuse,” said Lisa Tozzi, chemistry teacher and department chair at Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

Tozzi shared her recommendation with other chemistry department chairs in the district. She said she liked the fact that the Highland is easy to use and durable enough to withstand demanding student use. Another important consideration is cost, and Tozzi was pleased to find that the Highland price was within the school’s budgetary limits.

“The balances are affordable and they come with a warranty,” Tozzi said. “Adam Equipment stands behind their products.”

The Highland offers plenty of user-friendly features that make it an excellent choice for classrooms. Simple for students to operate, the Highland contains color-coded keys that allow fast, easy identification of the most frequently used buttons.

Adam Equipment’s Highland balance is full of practical features to simplify classroom experiments. Constructed of durable ABS plastic, the balance is sturdy and easy to clean. The Highland features rechargeable battery and AC operation, simplifying transport between classrooms. RS-232 and USB interfaces allow speedy data communication and transfer.

Density measurement and specific gravity determination are fast and easy with the Highland's below-balance weighing feature. A removable draft shield eliminates wind disturbances outdoors or in drafty environments. The ShockProtect™ feature helps prevent damage from overloads, and HandiCal™ offers speedy internal calibration, ensuring consistent measurements each time.

Schools often have limited storage space, and the design of the Highland allows the balances to be stacked safely and conveniently in storage. This is an important consideration for teachers, who need to think about where to keep multiple balances.

“It’s just what we needed,” Tozzi said. “They’re easy to store, they’re readily accessible, and they take up far less space than other balances.

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