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Balances and Scales
Health and Fitness Scales
Capacity:  44lb / 20kg
Readability:  0.01lb / 10g

The MXB baby scale offers fast reliable weighing in a safe and secure cradle. The smooth contours help to divert spils and offer secure support. The simple operation makes learning and using the scale hassle free to let you perform quick and accurate weighing.
Small image of MXB Baby Scale
Capacity:  44lb / 20kg
Readability:  0.005lb / 5g

Lightweight and portable, the MTB baby and toddler scale offers excel-lent value and versatility for pediatricians and other healthcare providers. With a capacity of 20kg, this scale boasts the flexibility to weigh newborn babies to toddlers on the same device.
Small image of MTB Baby and Toddler Scale
Capacity:  350lb / 160kg
Readability:  4oz / 100g

The MDW 160M body weight scale is widely applicable for use in hospitals, clinics, schools, businesses and sports departments.
Small image of MDW-160M Mechanical Person Scale
Capacity:  550lb / 250kg
Readability:  0.2lb / 100g

The MDW-250L features a large, clear LCD display, hold and tare function. A height rod is included as standard, measuring in inch and centimeter.
Small image of MDW-250L Person Scale
Capacity:  660lb / 300kg
Readability:  0.1lb / 50g

The MDW-300L features a large, clear LCD display, hold and tare function. A height rod is included as standard, measuring in inch and centimeter.
Small image of MDW-300L Person Scale
Capacity:  660lb / 300kg
Readability:  0.1lb / 50g

Adam MUW offers quick weight and height measurement without the need for a tape measure, the ultra sonic sensor measures height up to 210cm and automatically calculates BMI.
Small image of MUW Health & Fitness Scale
Capacity:  75lb - 440lb / 35kg - 200kg
Readability:  0.02lb - 0.1lb / 10g - 50g

The Adam Equipment CPW-plus models are multi-purpose industrial scales created for easy use. Featuring different options for units of measurement, portability, and an easy to read backlit indicator, the CPW-plus scales are durable and dependable for your every weighing need.
Small image of CPWplus W Weighing Scales
Capacity:  200g - 5000g
Readability:  0.01g - 1g

The Core series from Adam Equipment is the best choice for simple operation and economy.
Small image of Core™ Compact Portable Balances
Capacity:  120g - 3000g
Readability:  0.001g - 0.1g

Highland balances have what it takes for basic lab work, field use and various industrial applications.
Small image of Highland™ Portable Precision Balances
Capacity:  1100lb / 500kg
Readability:  0.2lb / 100g

The PTM low profile platform is ideal for drums and wheelchairs. The easy access ramps on both sides offers smooth transitions from the floor to the weighing platform and the diamond checked platform offers a durable weighing area. With handles and wheels
Small image of PTM Drum / Wheelchair Platforms
Capacity:  1750g
Readability:  0.05g

The CQT1752GR grain scale has been developed specifically for agricultural use to calculate the potential yields and quality of the grain crop and it’s development. It is a simple, low cost solution that can be used in the field.
Small image of CQT Grain Scale