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Balances and Scales
Balances For Education

Adam Equipment supports teachers and learning by providing scales and balances designed for the classroom. We offer a variety of teacher resources, including hands-on experiments that can be downloaded and used in class. From triple beam balances and entry-level electronic balances to precision balances and analytical balances for AP chemistry and universities, science professionals worldwide have relied on Adam as a trusted brand for more than 40 years. You’ll find our durable classroom balances offer the most value, with unique features for students and educators.

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Best Selling Education Balances

Middle School

Students using their first scales or balances will benefit from our products for middle school, which feature simple user interfaces and trouble-free operation.
image of a TBB mechanical scale image of a Dune™ Compact Balance image of a Core™ Compact Portable Balance

High School

Adam high school balances offer more sophisticated features for science education, enabling your students to experience an advanced level of precision and functionality.
image of a Dune™ Compact Balance image of a Core™ Compact Portable Balance image of a Highland™ Portable Precision Balance

College and University

For the scientist considering a career in a professional laboratory or doing detailed research, Adam precision balances offer the best value of features and performance.